Accepted Papers and Abstracts

All accepted papers and abstracts are available via OpenReview. Cubature Formulas on Graphs by Means of Sampling and Interpolation Isaac Pesenson Two types of cubature formulas on combinatorial graphs are developed. Cubature formulas of the first type are obtained through interpolation by variational splines. This set of formulas is exact on spaces of variational splines on graphs. Since bandlimited functions can be obtained as limits of variational splines we obtain cubature formulas which are approximately exact on spaces of bandlimited functions.


Dinner on Wednesday will be at the Madison Beach Hotel from 6-7pm, and you must register for dinner by Day 1. The dinner starts at 6pm, and we have an open bar until about 8pm, with the buffet itself opening around 6:30pm. Hope to see many of you there! The hotel’s address is: Madison Beach Hotel. 94 W Wharf Rd, Madison, CT 06443, United States Note: This is in the nearby town of Madison and not in New Haven.


SAMPTA 2023 will host three excursions on Wednesday, between 1:00pm-3:30pm: A guided tour of the Yale Art Gallery (capped at 30 people) A tour of Yale’s historic campus (capped at 75 people) A refreshing hike up East Rock (capped at a large but practically infinite number) Please indicate which by filling out the appropriate form here by Day 1. Details on each are below. Form for Art Gallery: Form for Guided Walking Tour: https://forms.


Please find the current schedule here and embedded below. Note that the schedule contains two different venues (indicated by P and S, respectively): P: Primary Venue: Cohen Auditorium ( S: Secondary Venue: Hope 216 Lecture Hall ( Most of our time, we will be in the Primary Venue, but for parallel tracks, we have an additional secondary venue. Day 1 On Day 1 we have a reception and POSTER SESSION at the Wu Tsai Institute reception space at 100 College Street from 5-7pm.


SampTA 2023 14th International conference on Sampling Theory and Applications This year’s Sampling Theory and Applications conference will be held at Yale University from July 10-14th, 2023. Registration is open until July 14.. Our Plenary Speakers will include Coralia Cartis, Rebecca Willett, and Mark Iwen, among many others. In addition, we have eight special sessions on topics including manifold learning, randomized algorithms, sampling theory in neuroscience, and more. See our full list here.

Registration now open

Want to attend SampTA 2023? Excited by our wonderful slate of speakers and special sessions? Registration is open from now until July 14 via You can register either as an in-person or virtual attendee.


SampTA’s presentations and special sessions will take place in two different lecture halls: Our primary venue is the Cohen Auditorium at the Yale School of Medicine (that’s at 230 South Frontage Road). Here’s how to find the auditorium. Our secondary venue is the Hope 216 Auditorium. Here’s where to find the auditorium. There are half a dozen hotels within a five-minute walk of the auditorium, all nestled around the heart of Yale’s campus.

Speakers & Sessions

Plenary Speakers Our plenary speakers are: Michael Bronstein (Oxford) Gitta Kutyniok (LMU) Dan Spielman (Yale) Soledad Villar (Johns Hopkins) Samory Kpotufe (Columbia University) Mark Iwen (Michigan State University) Holger Rauhut (Aachen University) Coralia Cartis (Oxford) Rebecca Willett (University of Chicago) Special Sessions Our special sessions will bring together domain experts to present on topics including Manifold Learning from Data, Graph Signal Processing, Topological Data Analysis, and Sampling Theory for Neural Activity Data, among others.

Call for Papers

⭐ Submissions are live at our Open Review page ⭐ Full paper submission and co-author registration deadline: April 01, 2023 AoE (Note: previously, there were separate deadlines for the abstract and paper submission. These are now combined, and the deadline has been extended. You needn’t submit anything before April 1st.) Author notification: May 10, 2023 AoE Camera-ready paper submission: Saturday July 1, 2023 AoE The site will start accepting submissions on: Friday January 9th, 2023

Announcing SampTA 2023

SampTA is back! This year’s Sampling Theory and Applications conference will be held at Yale University from July 10-14th, 2023. We have a Call for Papers on sampling theory, signal and image processing, and data analysis. Papers accepted by SampTA will be published in a special issue of Sampling Theory, Signal Processing, and Data Analysis. Our Plenary Speakers will include Coralia Cartis, Rebecca Willett, and Mark Iwen, among many others. See our full list here.